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Are You Taking Every Precaution to Ensure Your Employees Aren’t Drink-Driving?

In 2021, the UK faced a harrowing reality with an estimated 240 fatal drink-driving collisions. That year also saw a staggering total of 4,660 drink-driving incidents of various severities. This is the highest recorded level since 2009.

Drivers who are impaired by alcohol present a significantly higher risk of being involved in a crash. Therefore, enforcing a strong company alcohol policy as part of you overall health and safety policy, combined with effective alcohol testing products, is detrimental in turning the tide against the devastating effects of drink-driving.

Not only is it imperative to protect the general public, but companies also have a distinctive ‘duty of care’ to their employees to ensure that they are safe – whether that is in the office or on the road.

One significant risk is that employees who have been out drinking the night before may still be over the legal limit the next day at work. Ensuring that employees are within legal limits before starting their shift is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace.

What are the dangers of drink driving?

  • The killing or injury of an innocent road user
  • Drastically inhibits a driver’s ability to judge speed and distance
  • A decrease in reaction time and coordination skills
  • Will result in a criminal record and an unlimited fine
  • An automatic driving ban of at least one year
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Company reputability decreases

The solution

To combat the devastating effects of drink-driving, innovative solutions have been developed. Our most secure offering is the Alcolock V3 Ignition Interlock. This advanced device prevents engine ignition if the operator’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) exceeds a pre-set limit, ensuring that drivers under the influence cannot operate their vehicles. The device offers:

  • Secure and reliable detection of alcohol usage
  • Prevents engine ignition if over pre-set limit
  • Disposable mouth pieces allow the device to be used by multiple operators
  • Information is all logged securely using AES 128-bit encryption standard
  • Included an electronic override for emergency situations
  • Dimensions: 150mm X 48mm X 50mm

For quick and easy random testing among your drivers, we also offer a low-cost, disposable option – the Drivesafe Express Single Use Tester. This convenient and reliable tester allows for immediate breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) checks, ensuring compliance and enhanced safety without breaking the budget. The device offers:

  • A more discrete, convenient, and non-invasive solution
  • Quickly measures an employee’s readiness to work
  • The four-level indicator accurately identifies your BrAC within 2 to 4 minutes
  • Reliable results with easy-to-read colour changing crystals

Find out more about our full range of Alcolock Solutions, click here.

Or call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 020 8863 8333 (Option 1). They will be happy to help you ensure that your fleet is safe and compliant when it comes to the threat of drink-driving.