Advanced Multi Purpose Intelligent Parking Sensors

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The Parkmatic RS-PRO-OES is our most complete sensor kit to date.

The ECU has built in dip switches to change the detection range and height where sensors need to be fitted low or detection occurs too early, making the RS-PRO-OES a solution for a multitude of vehicles.

Self-learning sensitivity program function – after installation the ECU can be programmed automatically to detect the height and positioning giving better detection results and less false alarms. The ECU remembers the settings for the future with no need for further programming.

Works with LED reverse lights and CAN-Bus vehicles – a relay is built into the ECU that can be used in instances of low or weak current. This works by bypassing the traditional method of straight connection to the reverse light and instead uses the reverse light as a trigger with the power coming from a separate 12 Volt feed.

PC Programming – The ECU can be programmed via the PC with the optional RS-PRO-OES-ADAPTOR. Simply connect the ECU to the PC and enter in the sensor positions and detection zones to get the best results similar to OEM. Settings can be saved for future programming and batches of installation on the same vehicle model. The frequency of the speaker can also be changed slightly lower or to a higher pitch. The speaker itself also features high and low settings.

Automatic intelligence – the sensors learn each time they are activated if there are any stationary objects in the detection zone. Tow bars can be added or taken away without the need for interference with the ECU. Dynamic detection is also a key feature, this enables the sensors to ignore objects that are moving away from the vehicle.

The sensors are supplied with both options for flush fitting and a series of angle rings for curved and low bumpers. 3M self-adhesive pads are included with black silicone seals. Optional saw cutters or Q-cutters are available separately to create the 16.5mm hole necessary for flush mounting. The angle rings range in inclination being 3, 6 and 12 degrees, a 20mm hole saw is supplied for their installation.

Advanced triangulation – the detecting zone of the sensors is squared off to ignore the far sides of the rear of the vehicle, this helps when parking in garages and alongside walls, traditional sensors do not account for this making the RS-PRO-OES the better choice.

The ECU is also equipped with advanced self-diagnosis whereby the speaker will sound to advise if there is a fault with the product and more precisely which sensor head needs to be inspected, saving time. If there have been any collisions or damage to the sensors the owner will know they can trust the product is working safely and correctly.


  • Advanced Intelligence Dynamic Detection
  • Self-Learning of Sensor Positioning
  • PC Programmable (with additional adaptor)
  • Compatible with CAN-Bus vehicles
  • Compatible with vehicles with LED Lights
  • Self-Diagnosis ‘fault finding’
  • Sensitivity and Detection adjustment by Dip Switches
  • Provided with 3, 6 & 12 degree angled adaptors
  • Flush Fitting adaptor included
  • Paintable, with sensor head holder for easy painting