Omni-Van With 4 Channel DVR and connection cables

Omni_Van With 4 Channel DVR and connection cables.

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The new 360º ‘Birds-Eye-View’ camera system from C-KO utilises 4 cameras – 1 on each side of the vehicle in order to provide a top down view of the entire vehicle. All of the cameras include ultra-wide-angle lenses, so their field of vision overlap at the corners of the vehicle.

An ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is used to blend the 4 images together to produce the lookdown view and a ‘vehicle mask’, which looks like the vehicle, is used to cover the void that’s behind the cameras (the vehicle).

Once fitted, the system will require calibrating (simply transfer a file to C-KO). Calibration ensures the correct view is configured for that particular vehicle. The system can be used with any type and size of vehicle.

The ‘birds-eye-view’ is always displayed on the monitors primary view and the second view can automatically switch depending on the manoeuvre being carried out by the vehicle (as long as the correct wiring configuration exists). Whilst it is recommended to use a separate monitor for the 360º system, it is also possible to utilise the vehicles existing monitor (vehicle specific leads available on request).

The system will ‘plug-and-play’ connect into a DVR to allow the recording of images from all cameras. Ideal for training purposes and for protecting drivers against false insurance claims.