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Brake Cleaner (400ml)

Fluxed Core Solder 1.2mm (18swg) 60:40

Fluxed Core Solder 0.8mm (22swg) 60:40

Single Flat Tip 2.4mm – For Soldering Iron

Cable Ties

Convoluted tubing Split Ø 9.0-13.3mm – 100M

Convoluted tubing Split Ø 11.0-16.4mm

Fuseholder 1.5mm² red cable – Pack of 10

Male terminal 0.5-1.5mm² red 2.8mm – Pack of 100

Bullet terminal 2.5-6.0mm² yellow Ø 5.0mm – Pack of 100

Receptacle bullet terminal 2.5-6.0mm² yellow Ø 8.2mm – Pack of 100

Male terminal 2.5-6.0mm² yellow 6.3mm – Pack of 100

Multi Core cable 7×1.0mm² round – 25M

Starter relay 24V 30-40A 5-pins

Female terminal 0.5-1.5mm² red 4.8×0.5mm – Pack of 100

Fork terminal 2.5-6.0mm² yellow Ø 6.4mm – Pack of 100