The CKO Live view system offers secure multi-network  real-time video-stream and GPS tracking for your single or multiple vehicle fleet, with our system. any user can view up to 16 separate streams at any one time, with two users you can double that to 32.

Using the registration number as the default code and the depot to allocate the group it is simple to classify a fleet of vehicles and enable different users permissions to access sets of information.

While your vehicles are out on the road you’ll only hear about what’s happened once your driver gets back and report. With our live-view system you will receive notifications to your specification. In case of an incident, an alarm will be displayed on the live-view page or direct to your mobile phone. It does not interrupt the user view, but like an exception report, it can prompt action by alerting users that action is required.

Historic Tracking

The Real-time vehicle locator can be expanded to show single or multiple vehicle locations.  If a vehicle is offline, the last location where it was connected will be displayed.

The ‘Track’ tab provides the historic location, speed and DVR status. Usefully, it can map historic route showing where the vehicle travelled in 30 second intervals. It is possible to search this function by time and date. The information is stored on our dedicated secure server meaning that vehicles that are not online can also be checked. In terms of vehicle safety and security this is an added bonus of the Live View system and when added to the ‘status’ of the DVR, can help highlight issues of suspected device tampering or fuel theft.

Remote download & historic viewing

Our standard tariff comes with a fair-use cap, but additional data can be purchased in bundles. Historic recordings can be remotely downloaded or streamed online by pinpointing the desired time and date. This allows the user to act quickly in response to incident reports. The file is saved in a number of ways, on the local device and on our server. Single or multiple channels can be downloaded and saved in a secure format, only playable on our local PC software where it can be converted to AVI if required.

Photos can also be viewed using the Record tab, the photos are snapshots that can be linked to the alarms and other custom settings from the server side. The photos are saved to our dedicated secure server.

Alarm inputs can be linked to different events, e.g the rear door opening for a delivery. This type of setting does require additional wiring and configuration is required, but greatly enhances the functions available and can be tailored for the specific needs of the business.

Email notification

We recommend that email alerts are sent to a dedicated person in your company. In the event of equipment failure this provides you with a fail-safe beyond the driver’s daily walk-around check. Under FORS Standard v5, daily checks of electronic safety is now compulsory.  In the event of DVR video loss or hard drive failure an email alert can be sent to those who need to know within your organisation.

After understanding your needs, and with your permission, email alerts can be set up to multiple email addresses per vehicle or per group of vehicles. Custom input alarms can also be set to report by email at certain times or when an SOS button is press. As part of the initial set up, we can talk through your business needs and customise the settings to get the most out of our Live View system.

Phone app

The phone app provides the most basic information compared to the feature- packed desktop version. However, for quick and easy reference, the phone app allows users to check if vehicles are online, view the cameras in real time and see their current or last location.

Changing DVR settings

Our Live View desktop application allows DVR configuration settings to be changed. Settings, like alarm triggers, camera types and many others can be altered without having to be with the vehicle. Current setting can also be displayed. Making changes to settings after installation may be advantageous to tweak the systems usability or when new features become available. The DVR must be connected to Live View to access this function. User access control levels can be set so that settings can only be altered by those with the necessary permissions, securing alterations and ensuring consistency across the fleet.

Our offer

On a yearly subscription basis we offer:

PC Software, iOS and Android Software, Device Sim, Data Server, Customisation or email alerts, Telephone and remote support, Options for roaming, UK only single network or UK & Europe multi-roaming network.

Dependent on your business needs we will recommend the appropriate service level for you.

To begin the registration process, we simply need the vehicle registration details and you will receive the DVR preconfigured with the server information. Our standard practice is to activate the service once the device is installed and we have notification from the installer (or receipt of your confirmation).

Please note that CKO does not monitor the vehicles or the alarm linkages, this is down to the you as the company.


In May 2018 a new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in the UK. Our servers and data storage protocols are fully compliant with the GDPR rules.